An upcoming 3D space combat game where you command capital ships in epic space battles.

Click the images to view the currently released shiplist for each faction

  • Multirole, maneuverable ships capable of independant patrol or fleet actions
  • Many cruisers and destroyers, fewer capital and scout ships
  • Weapons are primarily electro-kinetic cannons and various antiship missiles
  • Strong hulls and armour, weak shields
  • Superior sensors and point defence weapons
  • Ability to jam most incoming missiles
  • Engine Boost temporarily increases acceleration
  • Sluggish ships with many turreted weapons but large blind spots. Well suited to fleet actions
  • Large range of ship sizes, including massive dreadnaughts
  • Weapons include short-range beam generators, medium-range missiles and long-range railguns
  • Strong shield generators, fragile hulls
  • Can redirect incoming missiles towards their launcher
  • Emergency Thrusters temporarily increases maneuverability

Available in Update 1

  • Ships mount many fixed weapons with limited travese requiring tactics and positioning
  • Powerful long-range railguns and missiles
  • Strong shield generators, average hulls
  • Use chaff bursts to cheaply decoy incoming missiles
  • Engine Overdrive increases power of thrusters temporarily

Available in Update 2

  • Agile and well-armed ships with purpose-driven weapons
  • Many directed energy weapons, each configured for a different purpose
  • Weaker shields and weak hulls with little armour
  • Powerful engines and lower masses make direction changes simple
  • Use triggereable energy barriers to block incoming missiles and projectiles

Available in Update 2

  • Modular ships with a variety of available roles
  • Limited selection of hulls with large numbers of variants
  • Weapons include explosive autocannons, small and large missiles and particle accelerators
  • Average shield generators and hulls
  • Manipulate Gravity temporarily decreases ship mass