An upcoming 3D space combat game where you command capital ships in epic space battles.

Chris Adderley

I'm Chris. I'm a big science fiction and fantasy fan - I love reading books, watching shows and playing games (tabletop, video and other!). I started this project with Alex because, well, one day we were talking at the pub about how much we wanted a game with some pretty specific features. Seemed like our idea would be pretty awesome, and hey, new challenging thing to learn!

Technically I'm a geospatial analyst, but these days I'm code, write particle effects and design GUIs. I also like to ski!

Alex Catamo

Hi. My name is Alex. Nice to meet you! A wise man once said "Sometimes you've gotta roll a hard six." It doesn't really have anything to do with me, but if you know who I'm quoting, it might give you an insight into the things I like. I'm hugely into science fiction, video games, art and music. I started this project with Chris because I love these things, and for me, the best art comes from people doing and making what they love. This can be risky in a world of focus groups, and market research, but what can I say... sometimes you gotta roll a hard six.

If I'm not developing video games, I'm writing music and dabbling in creative writing. When I finally get tired of the LCD afterimage burned into my retinas, I also love to head outside and play some casual soccer, or Frisbee, and I'm always down for camping.