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Armament: 2 AI-SR-GW-02 guided ordnance turrets
Special Abilities: Redirect Missiles
Emergency Thrusters

The Apex class is a small picket ship used by AIAD to protect blind spots in fleet formations and to swarm larger capital ships. By orbiting a ship and using its omni-directional turrets, the ship can maintain a continuous fire pattern without having to change aspect. Numerous variants carrying different turreted weapons have been observed.

The Apex was first observed in the Apex system during Operation Sky Shield in the early 2280s, and with increasing frequency afterwards. Prior to that time only the larger long range Regulus cruisers had been observed, since encounters tended to occur outside AIAD space. It is believed that these vessels were either designed in the lead up to hostilities, or that they had typically operated inside AIAD territory before that time.

Armament: 2 AI-MR-GW-X1 guided missile turrets
2 AI-SR-BW-05 beam emitters
Special Abilities: Redirect Missiles
Emergency Thrusters

The YZ Ceti class destroyer is an impressive warship. Comparatively larger than EMPOL ships of similar type, the ship makes up for reduced maneuverability with a devastating battery of forward facing, semi-guided smart munitions/missiles. Despite the ship's deadly primary attack however, its ability to contribute to longer fleet battles is limited, since its secondary armament is limited to a pair of bow-mounted short range beam emitters.

Ceti type vessels were among the first AIAD ships observed when one was encountered in the YZ Ceti system only 12 light years from Earth. Because this was long before the period of tension between EMPOL and AIAD it is believed that the ship was simply off course.

Armament: 2 dual-barreled AI-LR-PW-01 railgun turrets
2 AI-SR-BW-02 beam emitters
Special Abilities: Redirect Missiles
Emergency Thrusters

The Regulus class cruiser is a large AIAD capital ship armed with four high-power range railgun cannons on two underslung turrets. They have a limited effective firing arc, so are complemented with a pair of beam emitters located on the dorsal bow. During the course of the EMPOL-AIAD war Regulus class ships were a frustrating and deadly opponent, showering EMPOL vessels with slugs before they could close the gap and engage these juggernauts.

It is uncommon for AIAD ships to carry guided missiles, since the robots have long been able to manipulate complicated wireless technology guiding missiles and drones. AIAD ships including the Regulus will often reprogram enemy missiles in flight, guiding them back towards the ship which fired them.

Armament: 1 AI-LR-X1 helical fixed railgun
4 AI-LR-BW-01X heavy beam emitters
24 AI-SR-PW-D1 light beam turrets
Special Abilities: Passive Missile Hacking

The Canceri class dreadnaught is a massive, sluggish and deadly class of AAID warship. It's armed with some of the most powerful weapons in the known universe, including its main weapon, a super-charged helical railgun that stretches along the entire length of the ship. Canceris also carry dozens of point defence guns and light turrets, making them fearsome at any range.

Ships such as this were bane to the men and women of EMPOL since their appearance in the middle of the conflict. Once a Canceri class and its support fleet had taken control of a star system, taking it back was made extremely difficult. A Canceri could sit far from Lagrange points, using its main weapon to destroy vessels before they could even enter firing range. From within its massive hull huge numbers of battle droids could assault planetary targets and starbases.