An upcoming 3D space combat game where you command capital ships in epic space battles.

Beta Trailer! And a new website!

Posted on December 18, 2013, by Nertea.

Hey there!
We have finished a new trailer for the beta of Star Villains and Space Heroes. It shows off some nice video gameplay of stuff we've done since the demo. Have a look!


We've also finished site renovations, along with a shiny new domain name! Check out for new information on factions, some new screenshots, ships lists, and loads of other cool things.

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August 15th - Beta Screenshots!

Posted on August 15, 2013, by Nertea.

Well, it's been a while since I've posted anything around these parts! Rest assured that we're still working hard on getting the next version out. We'll actually have some more info on release plans in the next weeks, so stay tuned.

Here are some screenshots from our latest beta build, which is coming together quite nicely. Of note - directional shadows, new skyboxes and lots of cool effects.

scr04.jpg  scr06.jpg

Head over and check out the rest of the screenshots over at IndieDB.

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June 14th - Two development blogs!

Posted on June 15, 2013, by Nertea.

It seems that I've been somewhat remiss with keeping all the various sites posted of our devlog updates. We've actually had two since the last post - one by me and another by Alex. They cover two topics that include lots of pretty pictures, particularly the Space Terrain entry. Of course, the Special Effects one isn't too shabby either... I recommend having a look at both.



header_feature_fx.jpg tumblr_inline_mnr0y4KapN1qz4rgp.jpg


For the upcoming week, stick around. I hear that Alex has some kind of spaceship design video planned, which I haven't seen yet, but have been assured that it's very cool. 



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April 2nd: Development Blog - Chris Destroys a Starship

Posted on April 2, 2013, by Nertea.

Hey all,


A new development blog entry is live here. This is the second in the How to Destroy a Starship series - Chris Destroys a Starship. It's about how I go about creating and animating the destruction effects that bring the destroyed meshes created in our previous entry to life




Head over and read it!

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March 27th: Development Blog - Alex Tears Apart a Starship

Posted on March 27, 2013, by Nertea.

Hey all,


We've started up a development blog over here. We are going to try to keep it updated as frequently as possible. Right now we're going to be doing a set of three features on what goes into producing improved destruction models for Star Villains and Space Heroes. The first one - Alex Tears Apart a Starship - is up now, in which Alex talks about how he goes about  cutting up and destroying his models. 




Once you've read it - and it is awesome, I assure you - stay tuned as I'll be adding my two cents sometime on the weekend.


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