An upcoming 3D space combat game where you command capital ships in epic space battles.

Beta Trailer! And a new website!

Posted on December 18, 2013, by Nertea.

Hey there!
We have finished a new trailer for the beta of Star Villains and Space Heroes. It shows off some nice video gameplay of stuff we've done since the demo. Have a look!


We've also finished site renovations, along with a shiny new domain name! Check out for new information on factions, some new screenshots, ships lists, and loads of other cool things.

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February 26th: Demo Release Date!

Posted on February 26, 2013, by Nertea.



As you can see from the image, the culmination of all our hard work fast approaches! We are going to be releasing the Star Villains and Space Heroes Demo on:


Sunday, March 4th


The demo will give you a taste of what we plan for the full version. Here's what to expect:

We're just finishing up final testing and tweaks to get you as polished a demo as possible. In fact, I've fixed the last 5 reported bugs while writing this post. 

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January 30th: Trailer!

Posted on January 30, 2013, by Nertea.

We (well, mostly Alex) have just finished putting together our first trailer! It has some cinematic and also ingame footage - probably the first we've shown off publicly, so you should all  go check it out!



Let us know what you think!

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